What does a toner actually do for your skin? Why is it one of the most recommended steps? 

Does this sound like you? Well, you're not alone. These are the most commonly asked questions when we go through various skin care regimes and find out that toning is recommended by almost all of them. But still, there are a lot of people who do not understand its purpose fully and are sceptical to incorporate a toner into their skincare routine. Another fact that most people might not know is that the original intent behind using a toner was to balance the pH of the skin. Now it is an essential middle step of a must-follow CTM skincare routine. 

Through this guide, we will try to answer some of these commonly asked questions and shed some light on some of the remarkable benefits of toners for your skin. 

Without further ado, let's unravel all there is to know about skin toning.

What does a toner do?

If you're reading this blog, chances are that you're either new to the world of beauty and skincare and want to form a skincare routine, or you already have a routine and you want to add more steps and products to it. Your deep research has led you to a product whose name you've heard a lot, and now you want to see what the rave is about. Toners definitely live up to the hype, and they can change your skin for the better. Here's how toners can help make your skin smooth and flawless:

Restores the pH balance of the skin

Some cleansers are brutal and strip away all of the skin's natural oils. That is the main reason why your skin might feel dry and flaky after washing it. Other cleansers have harsh ingredients which disrupt the natural pH balance of the skin. This disruption causes the skin to be more prone to bacterial infection, inflammation and extreme dryness. With a toner by your side, you can restore that natural pH, and it will act as a natural barrier between germs, bacteria and your skin.

Tightens the pores 

As more and more dirt and oil enter and accumulate in our skin, it makes the pores appear larger and as a result, the skin becomes more prone to acne and infections. Over time, with the regular use of toner, your skin will show visible results as pores will appear tightened and minimised.  

Prevents breakouts

The primary cause behind acne and frequent breakouts is oily skin and clogged pores. Excess oil clogs the pores making it easy for grime and dirt to settle in. Toners can be a god sent in this situation. They effectively remove oil buildup, dead skin cells and other toxins which cause the skin to break out. 


When should you use a toner?

The classic CTM prescribes toner is to be used just after cleansing and before putting on a moisturiser. For best results, you should use a toner at least twice every day. Start with a gentle cleanser and pat your face dry. After drying it off, put on a toner most suitable for your skin type using a cotton pad. Apply a generous amount and gently wipe your face all over. Once you're done toning, apply moisturiser and other serums that you might be using on your skin. 


The Takeaway

Toners have been around for ages but haven't gotten the recognition they deserved. Now, people have realised the importance of products like pure berry toner and they've made their place as one of the skincare vitals. People all around the globe religiously follow the Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize regime and vouch for it. Do you also want to integrate toners into your routine? The first step would be to identify your skin type and the main points you would like to address. Then look for a toner which best suits your needs. For example we are serving  Your skin will say “thanks a tone!”