The beauty industry is undoubtedly one of the strongest forces out there as it’s raking in over $530 billion dollars as we speak. With the above in mind, you will have noticed countless new trends that have risen with the intent to further drive growth and build brand equity.


Natural, Clean & Sustainable

These may sound the same but they’re not. Natural refers to products made from 100% naturally derived ingredients, clean refers to ingredients that are healthy with no artificial additives and sustainable is in regards to how product ingredients are sourced.

This triple threat is ideal for any brand however difficult to actually achieve - particularly for bigger brands due to the scale of production therefore smaller brands typically tend to steal the spotlight.


Diversity & Inclusivity

The uproar of social media and current affairs of the world have led many brands to rethink their strategies and become more socially conscious.  This gave rise to inclusivity and diversity campaigns that steer brands towards greater authenticity, as brands become better listens for their consumers.