Night creams are the underdog of the beauty and skincare industry. To some people, night creams may come across as gimmicky and a marketing trick to sell the same old wine in a new bottle. But let us just go ahead and burst this myth bubble right here! It is far from reality. Night creams are one of the most important additions to our skincare regimen.

During the day, when the sun is up and shining its harsh rays directly at us, and we also have to go through the agony of dirt, pollution and so much more, it is essential to let our skin eliminate those toxins while we sleep. Night creams are the best way to do so. Where day creams mostly focus on shielding us from toxins, night creams work on our damaged skin cells and rejuvenate them. Having an elaborate nighttime skincare regime is as important as daytime skincare. 

Still not convinced? Well, here are some of the incredible benefits of using a night cream:



Daytime is pretty harsh on our skin. Whether you are commuting to work or out running errands, you will be welcomed by bombards of pollution and harmful sun rays. When we sleep, our body gets into a self-repair mode, regenerating and reversing any damage caused by harmful toxins. During this time, if it has the assistance of a nourishing and healing night cream, it can do wonders for the skin. With the help of a night cream, your skin stays hydrated and nourished all night long, and you wake up with a fresh, dewy glow. Dehydration often causes or exacerbates dark circles under your eyes, and night creams can help you combat them.  


Collagen boosting

As we grow older, our skin starts producing lesser amounts of collagen which makes wrinkles and fine lines look prominent. A night cream is the most effective way to boost collagen production and make your skin look plump and firm. With a night cream, you can give the elasticity of your skin a much-needed boost. Moreover, a night cream also stimulates the blood circulation of our skin helping it to get rid of toxins much faster. A night cream could become your secret to healthy and radiant skin. 


Gives even complexion

Another amazing benefit of using a night cream is that regular usage helps in providing even-toned skin. We face the sun several times a day. Some of us have jobs which require us to stay out in the sun for a long time. In that case, it becomes a challenge to avoid sun damage no matter how much sunscreen we put on ourselves. At the end of the day, if your face feels a little tanned and uneven, you should let a night cream protect you. We recommend using a night cream with Vitamin C as an active ingredient to wake up with smooth, spotless skin. 

Final Thoughts

We hope by now, you know how important a night cream is and what benefits it can provide you. By not including a night cream in your skincare regime, you're depriving your skin of some wonderful benefits. Go to bed with a night cream suitable for your skin type and wake up to a radiant glow. A night cream will help you complete your entire skincare routine. Buy Skincare products online to follow a full-fledged skincare routine.