Tom Biggs is known to the world as one of the most famous plastic surgeons seeing as he was on the team that produced the first breast implants ever used. As a board certified plastic surgeon, he is also known as a highly respected clinical professor of plastic surgery at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston-Texas.

We managed to catch up with Dr.Biggs with some of our beauty concerns and this is what he had to say:


Why is it important for plastic surgeons to tackle patients’ skin concerns in a tailor-made fashion?

 I have done over 3,000 facelifts and I can say that every single one was a completely different experience. This is why it is important to deal with each person’s needs as unique cases. Each person and each face is different, and so should the procedure used.


What is the most extreme thing a patient has ever asked you to do?

I was once asked to “remove some tattoos”. When I examined the patient I found her entire body was COMPLETELY covered with tattoo. Everything except her neck and hands.


What are plastic surgery’s most important innovations?

If I could list them, they would be 1) Anesthesia. 2) Microsurgery 3) Endoscopic surgery. 4) The immense potential of fat grafting.


Do you believe that collectives of doctors and experts impose greater influence than those of single gurus when it comes to brands and products?

Experience has shown that collectives of experts are more reliable than a single guru whose efficacy could be in doubt.


Did you ever believe that breast implants were going to become so popular?

Yes, I definitely saw it happening!


What are the greatest changes you have noticed in your industry resulting from the current pandemic?

Since travel is more restricted, I would say that I’ve noticed more people being inclined to invest in corrective or plastic surgery.